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YOGA    |   MASSAGE   |   REIKI   |   SOUND

Private Yoga


​Individuals | groups
In-studio | off-site

60 minutes

Pricing varies
*live sound &/or gong bath add-ons available

Enjoy a Private Yoga session, specifically tailored to you &/or your group. This session is great if you are new to yoga, coming back to your practice, or need additional guidance. Private Group sessions are great for corporate retreats & special occasions, creating a memorable Russian River experience.  



​with Shea


In-studio by appt.

Enjoy a nurturing and thorough 1:1 Therapeutic Massage session that is skillfully attuned to your specific needs.  For session details & pricing click below. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.28.07 AM.jpg


With Dana Valley


In-studio | By donation

90m | $85-$150

75m | $150-$250

Enjoy this transformative (clothing on) 90 minute or 120 minute Reiki session.  During your session Dana will gently guide you deep into the stillness and beauty which is Reiki, allowing your body to surrender, unwind and heal.  Reiki assists by creating a relaxed state which is critical to stress reduction and self-awareness.  In this serenity you engage your body’s natural capacity to quiet an overactive nervous system, which in turn supports your ability to deal with pain, chronic illness, stress, anxiety, and depression.   



With Deneene Bell


In-studio | By donation

45m | $60-100

75m | $100-$150

Activate your natural healing processes and rejuvenate your well being with this 45 or 75 minute Reiki session with Deneene. To initiate your experience, Deneene channels Reiki with you in mind the week before you meet, sending journal prompts and intention setting guidance in preparation. She individualizes each session by opening up to what your energetic body is guiding her to attend to at that time, along with the intentions you’ve set, using a combination of guided breathwork, meditation, singing bowls, oracle decks, crystals, and essential oils to align the energy centers of your body (chakras), and guide you to into a deep sense of calm and self-connection.

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 2.08.29 PM.jpg


​with Blue Muse Sound Healing

Individuals, Couples & Groups

​In-studio | Off-site
40 | 60 minutes

​pricing varies

Enjoy a very special Private Sound Healing session, specifically attuned to your/your group's individual needs. This thorough session supports you &/or your group to deeply relax, rejuvenate and clear via the healing frequencies created by various sound healing instruments played over the body (clothing on) will utilize a wide array of her healing instruments to support a unique and profound sound journey.

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