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the collective

teachers + healing artists sharing space, bringing forward autonomous offerings in an effort to support individual + community well-being


Mary Kate McCartney

Co-Founder, Yoga Teacher

MK (E-RYT 500 Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga, CMT) started on her yogic path over 20 years ago while living in Barcelona and has since immersed herself whole-heartedly in studentship of this ancient art and science. She has been teaching yoga in Northern California and abroad since 2008 and is humbled to serve others through this transformative practice.

“Each time we come together and practice yoga an alchemical process occurs, where our emotions transmute, frequencies rise and we begin to feel better. This is the magic of yoga.” MK currently leads yoga teacher trainings, retreats and weekly classes and is Co-Founder of Sol Rio Studio, a collective based in Sonoma County, California, where she lives with her husband Alex and daughter Mari.

Deneene Bell

Yoga Teacher

"I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and am certified in Shri Yoga—a synthesis of Hatha traditions rooted in yoga’s 8 limbs and the principles of Anusara/consciousness and Viniyoga/adaptation. I lead Vinyasa-inspired sequences which provide a dynamic practice of asana and meditation emphasizing alignment and a steady breath to calm the mind, strengthen the body, enliven the spirit, and cultivate wellness.


Operating from an ever-growing understanding of yoga as a living, mutable practice that is at once physical, soulful, and unique to each individual, I strive to teach all classes to all levels and all bodies in an environment that is encouraging, aspirational, judgment-free, and inclusive. root. grow. thrive. (RYT-200)​​

My studentship and teaching is rooted in deep respect and appreciation for yoga's roots and all of its limbs, which I strive to learn and integrate into my life on the daily."

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Kathleen Hardy

Yoga Teacher

"Yoga offers the chance to grow and learn continuously throughout our lives. Yoga practice is inclusive of all genders, races, personalities, creeds, abilities, and ages. I'm more than halfway through my seventh decade now (and my third decade teaching yoga!). I find that yoga continues to lead me to learn and grow every day. That is why I am so excited and honored to teach mixed level Hatha yoga. I really enjoy making the practice available to beginners and differing abilities, while still presenting a challenge to experienced yogis. In every class, I have the opportunity to share and learn with my yoga community. It's a community that I love being part of!" 


Shea Dobbs

CMT and Health Educator

Shea’s journey began in 2013… As a new mom and ready to start a career, she joined the National Holistic Institute from 2013-2014 to learn Western and Eastern healing techniques in Massage Therapy. By the time graduation arrived, she had 900 hours of massage time which has now turned into thousands. After school, she worked in high-end spas and eventually began Mobile Massage for Sonoma and Marin counties.

Shea believes that massage is more than just for relaxation, it’s therapeutic and a part of the healing process we all should experience whether it’s for our minds or for our bodies. Her techniques involve a cozy, healing blend of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point work, PNF stretches, Hot Stones, Energy work, and Prenatal.

On her days off, she is a homeschool mom of two and a budding florist for the Russian River Valley.​

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Hope Dague

Yoga Teacher

Hope discovered yoga at 13 when she found Richard Hittleman’s Introduction to Yoga. It helped her to relax in a stressful life and find union of body, mind, and spirit. After a car accident during college, she fell in love with massage because it helped more than medicine. She was certified in 2001 in Swedish, lymphatic, deep tissue, and energy work. She attended yoga classes with Steve North and taught yoga briefly before starting to offer massage at various spas. Then she learned hot stone massage and went to a Thai massage course combining yoga and massage. She tried many styles of yoga and enjoyed them all. In 2023, she took a RYS 200 hour teacher training in vinyasa yoga. Her class is a fusion of a hatha base and vinyasa, a slow flow for all levels of students, incorporating her knowledge and love of the human body. 


Rory OToole

Yoga Teacher

Rory's journey into yoga began as a quest for balance amidst the demands of school, work, and life. Her classes are a harmonious blend of strength and clarity, providing a space for students to reconnect with their inner selves and disconnect from the “monkey mind” of today’s world. Rory understands the challenges of modern life and seeks to offer an oasis where individuals can find solace through breath and movement. 

As a Farm Manager in West County, Rory understands the importance of balance, both in the fields and within oneself. Her love for yoga emerged as a means to foster that equilibrium, allowing her to connect with the serenity that nature provides and channel it into her teachings. She seamlessly integrates principles of mindfulness, patience, and nurturing, much like tending to the earth, creating a space where students can cultivate both strength and inner peace.

Rory encourages her students to embrace the present moment, guiding them through sequences that honor the body's needs and celebrates the rejuvenating and transformative power of breath. In Rory's classes, expect a mindful exploration of asanas (postures)  infused with her love for nature, fostering a sense of tranquility and inner balance that transcends the yoga mat. 

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Kristie Anderson

Yoga Teacher

"With 25 years of dedicated yoga practice, I've journeyed through life's challenges, overcoming obstacles like depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Yoga, both physically and spiritually, has been my guiding light. Now, as a passionate yoga instructor, I'm thrilled to extend the transformative benefits of yoga to others. My teaching style is inclusive, providing support and modifications for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Drawing from my extensive background in physical fitness, coupled with a profound spiritual journey, I offer a unique understanding of the human body and the path to one's best self. Proudly rooted in West Sonoma County, I'm committed to serving and uplifting my community through the gift of yoga."

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Michelle Hansen

Yoga Teacher

Michelle has embarked on a deeply personal journey with yoga, discovering its profound impact on overall health and well-being. Through dedicated practice, yoga has become her gateway to self-discovery and purpose. Now, with a 200-hour certification and a background in massage therapy, Michelle is beginning her journey as a yoga instructor.

Michelle's practice harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit, drawing from her diverse background. Her teaching approach creates a nurturing and inclusive environment where students feel empowered to explore their practice freely. Emphasizing mindfulness, strength-building, and flexibility, Michelle carefully curates sessions that cater to individual needs.  She truly believes in yoga's ability to establish harmony and balance, and she's committed to sharing this empowering practice. Her aim is to help others achieve the same holistic wellness she has found, ensuring a safe, inclusive space for all, no matter where they might be on their yoga journey. 


Iris Lambert

YTT Facilitator

Iris specializes in Bhakti Yoga: teaching Asana, pranayama, meditation and Kirtan. Singing has always been an important part of her spiritual life - church choir starting in the 4th grade and Music Major at Bard College.


She met Swami Satchidananda when she was singing and dancing in ‘Hair' on Broadway in 1969. This was the beginning of her life changing.

She moved to California in 1971, began teaching Yoga in 1972 in Sausalito, California and received Massage Certification in 1978. Ashtanga Vinyasa
became her home practice. More recently Iris learned alignment from Anusara and creative sequencing from Shiva Rea.


As an aging Goddess, Iris has traveled and taught yoga classes and retreats in Thailand, India, Mexico, Costa Rica and the US Virgin Islands. She has also taught
classes and Yoga Teacher Trainings in Ashland, Oregon, Sebastopol, California and Baja.


During the last 4 Years, Iris has mostly taught Privates and is excited to be returning to teaching via Sol Rio!

Alexander Stefani


"Just a being, interests include: perpetually searching for the sonic palette of the universe while promoting the proliferation of kindness through aural communication...and other stuff too."



Admin & Creative Support

Lehshel is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher with an additional 60-hours training in yin and meditation. Her goal is to create inclusive spaces for embodied expression and deeper connection while using movement, mindfulness, and breath to tap into a creative flow state. She is currently based out of Barcelona, Spain studying graphic design, practicing Jivamukti yoga, and offers creative and administrative services, as well as private yoga and meditation sessions. 


Caitlin Hildebrand

Yoga Teacher (Substitute + Private Sessions)

With decades of experience in yoga, dance and gymnastics, Caitlin Hildebrand, NP, RYT500, graduated with a Yoga Alliance Certification from Yoga to the People and Holistic Yoga Coach training from Purusha Yoga School. She also deepened her knowledge of health and wellness with advanced training from the Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and coursework in trauma focused yoga from Veterans Yoga Project, Inversions at Baptiste Yoga and Yoga for Grief at The Center, all in San Francisco.

As an Integrative Nurse Practitioner, Caitlin integrates the best of yoga philosophy with detailed knowledge of anatomy and health, creating yoga sequences that are always spontaneous, creative, and tailored to the needs and desires of the students. A focus on alignment creates sustainable safe skills for a lifelong practice, and Caitlin encourages students to modify in any way that enhances their experience. Mindfulness meditation is woven throughout, to enhance the spiritual and emotional components of yoga, even as you focus on the breath and body.


Xochi Lubin-Amaya

Yoga Teacher (Substitute + Private sessions)

Xochi has developed her approach to teaching yoga from non-devotional practices that work to include all bodies, levels and backgrounds. Her depth of experience enables her adjust each class to meet the needs of the bodies that show up to practice.

Using her extensive education in trauma informed approaches in her teaching, Xochi offers various options and invitations for the movements she shares. Her classes will challenge and soothe your mind and body in a safe and appropriate manner, as she weaves together the ancient practices of yoga asana with the more modern developments in the Western practice that promote a more just and equal place for all bodies to heal.

Xochi has been practicing yoga asana for twenty years and teaching for thirteen. She holds two 200-hour Yoga Teacher (YTT) certifications, as well as Trauma Informed Yoga for Youth and the Prison Yoga Project teaching certifications.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, Xochi works in community mental health as a somatic trauma informed therapist with youth and children in Sonoma County. She enjoys roller skating and swimming.

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